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News & Events

28.09.2018 - Rehacare 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany

This congress offers an interdisciplinary information and exchange platform for municipalities, housing industry, and social service providers. Innovations in the field of rehabilitation and care were presented. 967 exhibitors from 42 countries provided information on aids that enable people with disabilities, people in need of care or older people to lead largely self-determined lives.

This year's focus was on the topic of "Designing life digitally in the neighbourhood". Basically, the question was asked about the potential of digital and technical instruments to improve the quality of life for more participation and to secure the supply structures. In the associated topic area "We for the neighbourhood", representatives of the University of Siegen presented the ACCESS project, which deals with the topic of digital education and learning in old age. This project investigates various learning settings and learning methods that support the acquisition of technical aids and make it easier for older people to learn how to use digital technology. ACCESS and other projects in the field of "IT for an ageing society" were presented on the basis of the vividly designed exhibition stand and informative flyers. As a result, a lively dialogue-centered exchange developed with interested congress participants as well as with social service providers and representatives from local authorities, the housing industry and organised citizens.
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18. & 19.09.2018 - Aging and Society Konferenz in Tokio, Japan

This article focuses on the differences in competences in the responsibility to provide care in Germany and Japan. Based on the similarities in the demographic developments between the two countries, the role of the municipalities in coping with the demographic challenges in the fields of health care and long-term care was discussed using the example of Japan (where they are the carriers of social insurance). In this context, the specific advantages of the Japanese model were emphasised. Central challenges are seen for the sustainability of the primacy of home care, which represents the majority of care arrangements in each case. In both countries, the limits to their continued maintenance without external support are becoming increasingly clear. Various options for action were discussed, including - in addition to the migration of foreign nursing staff - the support of home care through digitisation. Finally, in this context, reference was made to the ACCESS project and Japan's involvement.
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04. - 08.06.2018 - ECSCW 2018 in Nancy, France

ACCESS attended the ECSCW 2018, the International conference on Practice-centred computing and the Design of cooperation technologies, which was hosted from 4 to 8 June 2018 in Nancy (France), to present the paper „Designing for Sustainability: Key Issues of ICT Projects for Ageing at Home."
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ECSCW is a series of international conferences on computer-supported cooperative work located in Europe. The conference series is affiliated with EUSSET – the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies
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Previous Events

23. - 25.05.2018 - Kick-off meeting of the new EU project ACCESS (JPI MYBL) in Siegen at the University of Siegen.

13.02.2018- International Conference of JPI More Years Better Lives in Brussels.

ACCESS participated in the yearly International Conference of JPI „More Years, Better Lives" in February 2018 at Brussels.

The conference aimed at stimulating dialogue in the area of DemographicChange by bringing together stakeholders including national policy makers, funders, scientists, health care professionals, industry representatives andNGO’s.

The main theme of the conference was "Increasing the Knowledge Base on Demographic Change".
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After the conference part, a networking event provided the projects with the opportunity to get into contact to each other. Funded projects from thethird JPI More Years Better Lives Joint Transnational Call for Proposals (2017) for "Ageing and Place in a digitising world" can be found here: