Advisory Board

Advisory board

An advisory board will supervise the project through regular meetings and constant information about the project’s progress. The board´s point of view will be integrated into the project. The board consists e.g. of a representative of the German National Association of Senior Citizens´ Organisations, a representative of the Verbraucherzentrale (consumer advice centre) of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia (crucial especially on the topic of internet use), as well as of a member of the National Austrian Bioethics Committee.

The involvement of older participants in the empirical research phase will be accomplished due to ethical standards in empirical research. A requirement is the informed and freely given consent of the participants involved in the empirical research. The participants’ confidentiality and anonymity in the fieldwork phases will be strictly protected by the project partners. This will be guaranteed by the following procedure: All qualitative and quantitative data will be anonymized by using pseudonyms instead of the actual names. Other data material, such as video files played in academic contexts or private data presented in papers or congresses blur information which could be traced back to individual persons. All personal data will be treated according to the appropriate rules of each of the participating countries. Issues arising from the European Privacy Institute, which was created following the EU Workshop on ICT for Trust and Confidence, will also be closely monitored in order to ensure that ACCESS respects all issues related to privacy and data security are considered.

Quality assurance will be strengthened by an advisory board representing different stakeholder groups:

Dr. Regina Görner

National Association of Senior Citizens' Organisations, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ina Wagner

National Austrian Bioethics Commission, Austria

Prof. Dr. Päivi Topo

Age Institute Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Dr. habil. Roman Englert

Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Scientific Director, Germany